Test Probes

Spring Loaded Test Probes, Also known as POGO pins are essential for creating test jig and in circuit programming

For touch contact Testing and Programming of Devices in Production at low cost. All you have to do is connect this pogo pins to base or programmer and leave a pads on final target board. When testing make contact and do testing quickly. This what we do for our PIC based products, We just give 6 pin pads on target board and make contact via PICKIT3 to which these pogo pins are connected.

These make good electric contact and has long term durability. Its is a flexible solution for both DIY users and production application. It is able to be soldered to various cables for LCDs / programming PIC / Atmel MCUs on circuit boards.

It can be connected with programmers ISP for production Contact Programming.

Real World Examples

Example of Touch ISP Programming through POGO pins.

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