Microwave Doppler Radar Module for Motion Detection RCWL-0516

Doppler Radar Sensor with Digital Output for motion control, Better than PIR.

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RCWL-0516 Details
Microwave Doppler Radar Module for Motion Detection RCWL-0516
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This mini doppler radar sensor module is equipped with supporting DC 4-28V wide voltage.
It will automatically continuously output the high level TTL signal when there is motion. 360 degree no blind angle detection and maximum 7m sensing distance.
It is perfect for DIY microwave motion sensor light switch, human sensor toys, smart security devices, etc.


  • Operating Voltage: 4-28V
  • Operating Current: 2.8mA (typical); 3mA (max)
  • Detection Distance: 5-9m
  • Transmitting Power: 20mW (typical); 30mW (max)
  • Output Voltage: 3.2-3.4V
  • Output Voltage Driving Capacity: 100mA
  • Trigger Way: repeat trigger
  • Output Control Low Level: 0V
  • Output Control High Level: 3.3V
  • Operating Temperature: -20~80 celsius
  • Storage Temperature: -40~100 celsius
  • Board Size: 35.9 X 17.3mm/1.41 X 0.68inch

Pin Definition

  • 3V3: 3V3 power output
  • GND: Ground
  • OUT: Control output; when detect moving objects, it will output high level
  • VIN: Input voltage,4-28V
  • CDS: Enable control chip, lower than 0.7V, OUT will output low level all the time

Setting up

Power up the sensor by 5VDC using pins “VIN” and “GND”.

It can handle anywhere from 4v-28v in, which it then converts and outputs 3.3v to the 3V3 pin. This pin can be utilized for a multitude of tasks, such as an LED to indicate power, or even to supply power to a mini 3v based MCU.

*Notes– The right ahead of induction side should’t place any metal to block. The front/back side should reserve more than 1cm space

int ip = 8;   //Input Pin
int val = 0;  //Variable to store the value
int led = 13; // Led pin for Indication
void setup() {
  pinMode (ip, INPUT);  //Define Pin as input
  pinMode (led, OUTPUT);//Led as OUTPUT
void loop() {
     val = digitalRead(ip); //Read Pin as input
     Serial.println(val, DEC);
         if(val > 0)
            digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
            digitalWrite(led, LOW);


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