ST3617 - Infrared remote control decoder RC5 - Serial Out

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ST3617 - Infrared remote control decoder RC5 - Serial Out
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The main function of the ST3617 is to decode the RC5 data received from remote control into 16 bit serial data output. There are two ways of getting data from chip, Data of 9600 baud rate or Serial Shift of data through RDY, CLK and DAT pins. Many remote control applications can be developed using the decoder.

ST3617 needs only one component to work that is IR receiver like TSOP1738 or similar. The data is output as simple 2 bytes of serial data consisting of 16 bits of information for each key press on the remote.

Note: ST3617 is our product based on PIC Microcontroller PIC12F675 which is programmed by us to work as per ST3617 datasheet.

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