Line/Obstacle sensor - TCRT5000

Can sense obstacle or black line up to 5cm distance, Useful in robot guidance. Outputs digital as well as analog as per on board level trigger preset. LEDs for power and output indication.

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Line/Obstacle sensor - TCRT5000
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The TCRT5000 have a compact construction where the emitting-light source and the detector are arranged in the same direction to sense the presence of an object by using the reflective IR-beam from the object. The operating wavelength is 950 mm. The detector consists of a phototransistor. These can be used effectively in different robotic applications.

IR transmitter and receiver integrated into one head TCRT5000, detecting not only if there is obstacle but also the distance as an analog output, and the power consumption is lower on this one. The breakout board design based on the sensor and LM393 with adjustable Potentiometer, so trigger on a setup approaching distance is possible as a digital value by using LM393. You have analog and digital output both on this breakout board.


  • Obstacle detection & avoidance
  • Robot trace tracking
  • Line following robot
  • Black and white line detection
  • Meter pulse data sampling
  • Fax paper shredders detection
  • Production line item detector
  • Shaft encoder
  • Detection of reflective materials such as paper, IBM cards, magnetic tapes etc


  • Using infrared reflective sensor TCRT5000
  • The detection distance: 1mm ~ 50mm apply focal distance of 2.5mm
  • The comparator output signal clean, good waveform, driving ability, more than 15mA
  • With a multi-turn precision potentiometer adjustable sensitivity adjustment
  • The working voltage of 3.3V ~ 5V
  • The output format: digital switching outputs (0 and 1)
  • A fixed bolt holes for easy installation
  • A small PCB board size: 3.2 x 1.4cm
  • Using a wide voltage LM393 comparator

Board Schematic

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