RF Transmitter 433MHz ASK 500mW@12V

Used in remote control applications, 500mW output, Good range of around 200 meters in open area and around 100 meters in building environment

Sunrom Part# 3987

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This is an ASK Hybrid transmitter module at 433 Mhz. The transmitter Module employs a SAW-stabilized oscillator, ensuring accurate frequency control for best range performance. There is no requirement of external RF components except Antenna which can be simple 17cm wire.


  • Frequency Range: 433.92 MHZ.
  • Supply Voltage: 3~12V
  • Operating Current: 24mA at 3V and 150mA at 12V
  • Idle current: 1uA
  • Working Temperature: -30 to +70 degC.
  • Output Power : 500mW, 12 dbm @ 3V and 27 dbm @ 12V (Range depending on operating voltage)
  • Circuit Shape: Saw
  • Data rate: 0-10kbps


  • Remote control
  • Smart Home
  • Security alarm
  • Wireless switch socket


Pin Details
VCC DC Power from 3-12V
DATA Manchester Encoded data input
GND Ground
ANT Antenna, Spring Antenna or 17cm wire (solid core)

It's ideal for remote control applications where low cost and longer range is required. The transmitter operates from a 3-12V supply, making it ideal for battery-powered applications. The transmitter employs a SAW-stabilized oscillator, ensuring accurate frequency control for best range performance. 

Antenna can be simple wire of 17cm length. Thicker single core copper wire will give better results.

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