Powerline Communication Modem (PLC)

Transmit and Receive Serial data of 9600bps over high voltage power lines

Sunrom Part# 1187

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Note: The product is useful in Student Projects & Research Purpose as proof of concept. Its not suitable for commercial use.

Power line modem is useful to send and receive serial data over existing AC mains power lines of the building. It has high immunity to electrical noise persistence in the power line and built in error checking so it never gives out corrupt data. The modem is in form of a ready to use circuit module, which is capable of providing 9600 baud rate low rate bi-directional data communication. Due to its small size it can be integrated into and become part of the user’s power line data communication system.

Note: Pricing is for 1 quantity only. You will need atleast 2 unit to perform a test.


  • Transmit and Receive serial data at 9600 bps
  • Data Tx/Rx LEDs
  • Powered from 5V
  • Low Cost & Simple to use
  • Built in Error Checking
  • Direct interface with microcontroller uart txd, rxd pins


  • Home Automation
  • Automatic Meter Reading
  • Process Control
  • Heating & Ventilation, Air conditioning Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Status Monitoring and Control
  • Low Speed Data Communication Networks
  • Intelligent Buildings
  • Sign and Information Display
  • Fire and Security Alarm System
  • Remote Sensor Reading
  • Data/File Transfer
  • Fire & Security Alarm System
  • Power Distribution Management

Application Diagram

Specs Overview  

  • Embedded ready-to-go Power Line Carrier Modem module with SMT components
  • Small form factor for easy of system integration
  • Bi-directional half-duplex data communication over the mains
  • Applicable to universal mains voltage and frequency up to 250v, 50 - 60 Hz
  • Protocol independent, data transfer transparent to user's data terminals
  • High noise immunity and reliable data communication
  • Simple serial interface to user's data devices of 9600 bps
  • Built-in on board AC coupling circuit with direct connection to mains
  • Built-in carrier generation and detection
  • Multiple units can be connected to the power line of the distribution transformer
  • TTL level serial interface to user's data devices
  • Built with industrial grade components for operation under harsh environment
  • Indicates Transmit and Receive with LEDs
  • Built in Error Checking so it never gives out corrupt data.

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