Logic Analyzer - 8 Ch, 24 Mhz

Capture, Debug, Analyze, Troubleshoot, View digital signals like UART/I2C/IR/I2S/SPI/Remote/Protocol and such.

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Logic Analyzer - 8 Ch, 24 Mhz
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A logic analyzer is an electronic instrument which displays signals in a digital circuit. A logic analyzer displays the captured data into timing diagrams, protocol decodes for easy troubleshooting and development.

Software on PC, can be highly configured. Every little detail of samples can be viewed.

It is small USB-based logic analyzer. It has 8 channels, and does state analysis at 24 MHz. For many development and troubleshooting tasks it may well be all you need. 

Built-in protocol analyzers/interpreters for CAN, I2C, SPI, 1-wire, RS232, DMX, Manchester protocols and much more.

Many details about signal to view.

Our Package Includes

  • Logic Analyzer - 8 CH, 24 Mhz
  • USB Cable
  • Probe Wires

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