AVR USBASP ISP Programmer with 10 Pin Cable

USB in-circuit programmer for Atmel AVR controllers

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USBASP User Guide
AVR USBASP ISP Programmer with 10 Pin Cable
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This is a USBasp programmer for Atmel AVR microcontrollers. It simply consists of an ATMega8 and a couple of passive components with 12 MHz operating frequency of ATMega8. The programmer uses a firmware-only USB driver, no special USB controller is needed, and that's make it low cost USB programmer. USBasp Programmer is low cost USB based programmer. This is an ISP (in system programmer) programmer therefor you can program your target microcontroller without removing it from your target microcontroller development board. This programmer will work with a wide variety of Atmel AVR and AT89Sxx microcontroller. They quite compact, but the design is really elegant. The USB interface is achieved by using an atmega8 processor and the rest is done in firmware. This is a low-cost programmer designed for those on a tight budget. Software Supported:- It is low cost, easy to use, the programmer will work with a wide variety of Atmel AVR microcontrollers. The programmer will also work with a variety of software.

Free Comparable Boot Loaders:

  • AVR SinaProg for Windows.
  • AVRDUDE supports USBasp since version 5.2.
  • BASCOM-AVR supports USBasp since version
  • Khazama AVR Programmer - An AVRdude GUI for MS Windows.
  • eXtreme Burner - AVR is a Windows GUI Software for USBasp based USB AVR programmers.
  • AVR Loader.


  • Works under multiple platforms. Linux, Mac OS X and Windows are tested.
  • Allows you to read or write the microcontroller EEPROM, firmware, fuse bits and lock bits.
  • Programming speed is up to 5KB/second • Software controlled SCK option to support targets with low clock speed (less than 1.5MHz).
  • 6 Pin Adapter board along with the programmer for Standard ISP connections.
  • B-type USB Connector for power.
  • Separate Two Different LED's for power & programmer status.
  • This board is buffered and power protected so that you can do some really evil things to the programmer without killing it. It is fast! One of the greatest features of this board is the ability to power the target (up to 500mA) from the programmer.
Supports popular Atmel lines like:
  • Atmega8/48/88/168/328
  • 51 series: AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89S53, AT89S8252.
  • Attiny2313/4313.
  • Attiny12/13/13A/15.
  • Attiny25/45/85.
  • Attiny24/44/84.
  • And many more!!.
  • 1 x USBasp Programmer.
  • 1 x 10 Pin Data Ribbon Cable.

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