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TFT LCD 40x2 Sunrom's Standard Interface

Pinout details

Sunrom's Standard 40 pin(20x2) TFT LCD Interface


Pin# Pin Name Details
1 GND Power Ground
2 VCC Positive Power Input, Regulated +3.3V supply required
3 NC Not Connected
4 RS Data / Command selection
5 WR Signal to Write data on Data bus
6 RD Signal to Read data on Data bus
7-14 DB8-DB15 Upper 8 bit Data bus (Voltage Level max 3.3V)
15 CS Chip Select
16 NC Not Connected
17 REST Reset (during the reset operation: Pull low for 8ms; then pull high for normal operation)
18 NC Not Connected
19 LED_A +3.3V Backlight positive power supply input (LCD has built in 3.9 Ohm resistor in series to limit current to backlight, Do NOT give 5V to this pin.)
20 NC Not Connected
21-28 DB0-DB7 Lower 8 bit Data bus (Voltage Level max 3.3V)
29 T_CLK Touch controller (XPT2046) clock
30 T_CS Touch controller (XPT2046) Chip Select
31 T_DIN Touch controller (XPT2046) data in (MOSI)
32 NC Not Connected
33 T_DO Touch controller (XPT2046) data out (MISO)
34 T_IRQ Touch controller (XPT2046) data interrupt (usually high, goes low when screen is touched)
35 SD_DO SD Card data output(MISO)
36 SD_CLK SD Card clock (SCK)
37 SD_DIN SD Card data in (MOSI)
38 SD_CS SD Card chip select
39 NC Not Connected
40 NC Not Connected

Note: All LCD interfacing pins connected to external microcontroller should be at 3.3V level only. If you are using a microcontroller at 5V level then you should use level conversion.

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