IR Proximity Sensor

Uses infrared beam reflection for detecting proximity of objects

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IR Proximity Sensor
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Proximity Sensor are used to detect objects and obstacles in front of sensor. Sensor keeps transmitting infrared light and when any object comes near, it is detected by the sensor by monitoring the reflected light from the object. It can be used in robots for obstacle avoidance, for automatic doors, for parking aid devices or for security alarm systems, or contact less tachometer by measuring RPM of rotation objects like fan blades. 

Digital low output on detecting objects in front.


  • IR transmitter
  • Ambient light protected IR receiver
  • 3 pin easy interface connectors
  • Indicator LED & Power LED
  • Distance 2cm to 30cm
  • Can differentiate between dark and light colours
  • Active Low on object detection
  • 3.3 to 5V operation


  • Proximity Sensor
  • Obstacle Detector Sensor
  • Line Follower Sensor
  • Wall Follower Sensor

Board Schematic

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