MPC89E515 Megawin MPC89E515AE DIP40

63KB Flash, 6T, 12T, Pin to Pin compatible with Atmel AT89C51, AT89C52, AT89S52, NXP P89V51RD2 and similar 40 pin 8051 MCUs.

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MPC89E515 Megawin MPC89E515AE DIP40
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* 80C51 Central Processing Unit
* 3V/5V operation voltage, built-in Low-Voltage Reset circuit.
* Optional 12T or 6T mode
* Max operation frequency up to 48MHz@12T or 24MHz@6T
* 63KB on-chip program memory
* ISP capability; optional 1KB/2KB/4KB ISP memory shared with application flash memory.
* On-chip 256 byte scratch-pad RAM and 1024 byte auxiliary RAM; Be capable of addressing up to 64K bytes external memory
* MOVC-disabling, encrypting, and locking flash memory realize security mechanism.
* Three 16-bit timer/counter, Timer2 is an up/down counter with programmable clock output on P1.0
* Eight sources, four-level-priority interrupt capability
* Enhanced UART, provides frame-error detection and hardware address-recognition
* Dual DPTR for fast-accessing of data memory
* 15 bits Watch-Dog-Timer with 8-bit pre-scalar, one-time enabled
* Power control: idle mode and power-down mode; Power-down can be woken-up by P3.2/P3.3/P4.3
* Low EMI: inhibit ALE emission
* On-Chip flash program/data memory:

    *The data endurance of the embedded flash gets over 20,000 times.
    *21 years data retention is guaranteed.

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