Finger Print Sensor R307 (New R305)

Same software protocol as R305 with many improvements

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Finger Print Sensor R307 (New R305)
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Difference Between R305 (Old) and R307 (New)

  R305 R307
Storage Capacity (Fingerprints) 250 1000
3.3V Operation No Yes
USB Operation No Yes
Finger Detect Output No Yes

R307 Fingerprint Module consists of optical fingerprint sensor, high-speed DSP processor, high-performance fingerprint alignment algorithm, high-capacity FLASH chips and other hardware and software composition, stable performance, simple structure, with fingerprint entry, image processing, fingerprint matching, search and template storage and other functions.


  • Perfect function: independent fingerprint collection, fingerprint registration, fingerprint comparison (1: 1) and fingerprint search (1: N) function. 
  • Small size: small size, no external DSP chip algorithm, has been integrated, easy to install, less fault. 
  • Ultra-low power consumption: low power consumption of the product as a whole, suitable for low-power requirements of the occasion.  
  • Anti-static ability: a strong anti-static ability, anti-static index reached 15KV above.
  • Application development is simple: developers can provide control instructions, self-fingerprint application product development, without the need for professional knowledge of fingerprinting.
  • Adjustable security level: suitable for different applications, security levels can be set by the user to adjust.
  • Finger touch sensing signal output, low effective, sensing circuit standby current is very low, less than 5uA.

Interface Description

The R307 fingerprint module has two interface TTL UART and USB2.0, USB2.0 interface can be connected to the computer; RS232 interface is a TTL level, the default baud rate is 57600 , can be changed, refer to a communication protocol ; can And microcontroller, such as ARM, DSP and other serial devices with a connection, 3.3V 5V microcontroller can be connected directly. Needs to connect the computer level conversion, level conversion note , embodiments such as a MAX232 circuit. 

About the module's power supply

     Fingerprint module board marked with 3.3V - 2 contacts short circuit, you can use DC3.3V .

Technical Parameters

  • Supply voltage: DC 4.2 ~ 6.0V
  • Supply current: Working current: 50mA (typical) Peak current: 80mA
  • Fingerprint image input time: <0.3 seconds
  • Window area: 14x18 mm
  • Matching method: Comparison method (1: 1)
  • Search method (1: N)
  • Characteristic file: 256 bytes
  • Template file: 512 bytes
  • Storage capacity: 1000 pieces
  • Security Level: Five (from low to high: 1,2,3,4,5)
  • Fake rate (FAR): <0.001%
  • Refusal rate (FRR): <1.0%
  • Search time: <1.0 seconds (1: 1000 hours, mean value)
  • Host interface: UART \ USB1.1
  • Communication baud rate (UART): (9600xN) bps Where N = 1 ~ 12 (default N = 6, ie 57600bps)
  • Working environment: Temperature: -20 ℃ - +40 ℃ Relative humidity: 40% RH-85% RH (no condensation)
  • Storage environment: Temperature: -40 ℃ - +85 ℃ Relative humidity: <85% H (no condensation)

Suitable for fingerprint lock, fingerprint safes and other purposes.

PC Application



Pin# Pin Name Details
1 5V Regulated 5V DC
2 GND Common Ground
3 TXD Data output - Connect to MCU RX
4 RXD Data Input - Connect to MCU TX
5 TOUCH Active Low output when there is touch on sensor by finger
6 3.3V Use this wire to give 3.3V to sensor instead of 5V

USB Cable Connections are 5V/D+/D-/GND (Optional)

Note: We test the product before shipping.  We do not provide help related to programing. All details and protocol are given in download.
There is no warranty on the module. These can easily get damaged with wrong polarity or high voltage given to it. So be careful before power on. Internal LED does not come or stay on all the time, It only comes on when you give command to read fingerprint.

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