DC motor Speed Control PWM Board 6-28VDC @ 3A

Easy to use with DC motors for speed control

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DC motor Speed Control PWM Board 6-28VDC @ 3A
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DC Motor Speed Controller allows controlling the speed of a DC motor using a Pulse-Width-Modulated (PWM) DC voltage with a Duty Cycle. The motor speed controller incorporates a high power MOSFET with a heat sink and can easily provide a continuous current of 3A to your DC motor or other DC load.

  • Adjustable speed with potentiometer
  • PWM to vary the speed of DC motors.
  • Terminal strip for power & Motor connections.
  • Power-On LED indicator


  • Working Voltage: DC 6V - 28V
  • Max. continuous current output: 3A
  • Max. Power: 80W
  • PWM pulse width modulation range: 5% -95%
  • Size: 32 x 50 x 15mm
  • Net Weight: 18g

WARNING: Do not reverse postive and negative power loads, this will damage the controller. Also not suitable for AC motors.

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