12 SW RF Keypad Transmitter

433 Mhz frequency, around 500 Meters range

Sunrom Part# 3792

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The remote control transmitter is small hand held unit with 12 keys. It is based on PT2264 encoder IC, which can work directly on 12V battery to give good range of operation.

When a key is pressed, the IC is connected to power supply battery and it starts transmitting packets at 433 Mhz frequency consisting of its ID and Data byte which indicates which key was pressed.

PT2264 Encoder based remote

As you can see in image below of internal circuit of remote control. Its based on PT2264. You can download datasheet from this page.

Setting the unique ID

If you wish to set a unique ID of the unit, then you can open the unit and solder any of 8 IC address pins to to either high or low or keep floating. that will give you 3^8 type combination of possiblities. Normally we give all remotes with floating address pins.

The RF part is SAW based 433 Mhz transmitter, which can be received by any 433 Mhz type ASK RF Receiver.




500 Meters

Power Source

12V Battery 23A to get good range

Active Current


Idle Current

 0uA (Only on key press the transmitter is connected to battery source else its open circuit so no battery drain)

Unique ID

3^8 Combination ID

Data ID

4 bits key press data


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