ZIF Adapter Board for PICKIT Programmer

Add ZIF socket to your PIC programmer for easy programming of microchip PIC devices.

Sunrom Part# 1279

Available We dispatch same day if ordered by 4PM (excluding holidays), then courier usually takes 2-5 days.

This adapter allows you to convert the standard 6 pin header from Microchip's PICKIT programmer to ZIF Socket for easy programming and removal of DIP package PIC microcontroller ICs. The ZIF socket is capable to handle from 8 pin DIP to 40 pin DIP Packages of PICs.

All PICs ICs in DIP package has to be put such that pin#1 is located at its handle side. Same is marked on PCB.

There are three 6 pin header on the PCB marked with what package of of ICs can be programmed with it. Accordingly plug in PICKIT programmer to suitable header.


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