Unit with enclosure and wires, Communicate your PC with microcontroller easily. Direct 5V/3V level UART(RX/TX) pins, Create virtual serial COM port on PC. Uses latest Prolific IC for max 6 Mbps baud rate

Sunrom Part# 4903

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Hobbyists can use it as a powerful tool to make all kinds of PC interfaced projects. This module help all those who are comfortable with RS232/Serial Communication protocol, to build USB devices very easily.


This is an USB2.0 to TTL UART Converter module which is based on PL2303TA USB Serial Bridge by Prolific. This module can be used with Laptop's which don't have standard serial port. This module creates a virtual COM port using USB on your computer which can support various standard Baud Rates for serial communication. You just need to install the driver using a setup file which automatically installs correct driver files for Windows. After driver installation, plug the module into any USB port of your PC. Finally a new COM port is made available to the PC. The feature which makes it more convenient is the TTL level data i/o. So you don't need to make a RS232 to TTL converter using chips like MAX232. The Rx and Tx pin can be connected directly to the MCUs pins (assuming 5v i/o).


This module has 4 wires which includes 

  • GREEN TXD = Transmit Output - Connect to Receive Pin(RXD) of Micro controller. This pin is TX pin of PL2303TA on board.
  • WHITE RXD = Receive Input - Connect to Transmit Pin(TXD) of Micro controller. This pin is RX pin of PL2303TA on board.
  • BLACK GND = Should be common to microcontroller ground.
  • RED 5V = Optional output to power external circuit upto 500mA


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