89Sxx USB Programmer, ISP+ZIF

Programs 89Sxx type devices. It has ZIF socket for 40 pin ICs like AT89S52.

Sunrom Part# 1100

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Product Includes
1x Mini-USB Cable

This programmer has ZIF socket and a ICSP (In-Circuit Serial Programmer) connector for programming microcontrollers of 89Sxx series which supports ICSP. For example you can program microcontrollers like AT89S51/52/2051/8252/8253 and such. Programming software used with this programmer to provide all the necessary read, write, verify, lock, and fuse functions.


  • Auto Execution of microcontroller program on successfully programming process
  • Onboard ZIF socket for 40 pin ICs
  • ISP Interface for external targets
  • USB Programmer does not need any external power supply
  • Easy to use programming software with full functions
  • ICSP connector
  • Low cost and easy to use
  • USB Cable is included in package
  • Works in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 both 32 and 64 bit

Software for programming

Supported Chips

  • AT89S51 (ISP+ZIF)
  • AT89S52 (ISP+ZIF)
  • AT89S53 (ISP+ZIF)
  • AT89S2051 (Only ISP for 20 pin IC)
  • AT89S4051 (Only ISP for 20 pin IC) 
  • AT89S8252 (ISP+ZIF)  
  • AT89S8253 (ISP+ZIF)

We also have a low cost model without ZIF socket, only ISP interface. 100% identical to this model. Check model 1315.

Getting Started

Step #1 Install Programming Software
Download and Install software for programmer. The installation will create shortcut on your Desktop and Start Menu.
LED Test folder contains sample project source code in Keil compiler. It also includes compiled HEX file which you can load into any 8051 controller to blink on Port2.

Step #2 Connect Programmer to PC’s USB Port
Plug in one end of USB Cable to PC’s USB Port and Another end to Programmer.

Step#3 Start Programming Software
Start programming software from desktop or start menu shortcut

Step #4 Browse or Select a HEX file
Software will load the selected HEX file into device and give you successful message.

Step #5 Select a device which you wish to program

Step #6 Click program button

Using Programmer with 89Sxx ISP Target
You can use this programmer with external boards with ISP connection. For guidance this schematic is given for external targets.

Note: Programmer cannot give VCC power, It has to be given externally.

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