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3723Serial JPEG Camera - RS232
Capture images through UART/TX-RX easily
In StockRs.4,800/-

1125Fingerprint Sensor with Interface Board
Easy to use protocol with LEDs, SW and built in controller.
In StockRs.3,500/-

4118Blood Pressure Sensor - Serial output
Reads blood pressure and heart rate and outputs at 9600 baud rate
No StockRs.3,000/-
3765Blood Pressure Sensor - Analog Out
Outputs Blood Pressure in analog form for external processing and plotting.
In StockRs.2,900/-

3935Finger Print Sensor (R305)
Fingerprint Interface
In StockRs.2,700/-

1195Microwave Doppler Radar Sensor for Motion and Speed SensingIn StockRs.2,500/-

4017SPO2 Sensor Probe for Pulse Oximetry - High Quality
Useful in sensing oxygen level of blood as well as heart rate. Original medical device quality imported from USA.
In StockRs.2,300/-

4281ECG Electrodes - Set of 4
Useful to Pickup ECG signals from hands and feet
In StockRs.2,000/-

1300Wireless Power Transfer Modules
Transfer power from transmitter to receiver without any wires for powering circuits.
In StockRs.1,800/-

3764Mechanical Platform with Loadcell
Weighing Scale application platform with 40 KG Loadcell
In StockRs.1,800/-

4204Camera Module - OV7670
Useful in image processing and robot vision
In StockRs.1,800/-

1282Soil Moisture Sensor - Digital Serial Output
Accurately detects amount of moisture content in soil and outputs serial data at 9600 bps
In StockRs.1,500/-

1260Heartbeat Pulse Sensor - Analog Out
Can connect directly to MCU's ADC for display or processing.
In StockRs.1,500/-

1181ECG Sensor
Outputs waveform and pulse for display on PC or external microcontrollers
No StockRs.1,500/-
3780Wireless PIR Motion Sensor
433 Mhz, around 100 meters range
In StockRs.1,500/-

1219Temperature Probe using K-Thermocouple - Digital InterfaceIn StockRs.1,200/-

1190Load cell amplifier for weighing scale - Serial Output
Complete integrated front end containing amplifier, ADC, Digitizer output at 9600 baud rate output
In StockRs.1,200/-

1157Heart Beat Sensor - Digital Pulse outIn StockRs.1,200/-

3790Motion detecting switch using PIR
Automatic light control during night
In StockRs.1,200/-

3843Mechanical Platform without Load Cell
Unassembled platform for weigh scale application allows you to add your own load cell.
In StockRs.1,200/-

3932Digital Compass, 3-Axis based on HMC5883
Provides direction data relative to earth's magnetic field.
In StockRs.1,200/-

1128Analog Output Board only for K-ThermocoupleNo StockRs.1,000/-
3904Liquid Flow Sensor
Can be used to create a flow meter or calculating amount of liquid passing.
In StockRs.1,000/-

3931Gyro+Accelerometer Sensor, 3 Axis based on MPU-6050
Contains 16-bits ADC for each channel. Outputs x, y, and z channels.
In StockRs.1,000/-

3934SPO2 Sensor Probe for Pulse Oximetry
Useful in sensing oxygen level of blood as well as heart rate
In StockRs.1,000/-

4312Analog Output K-Type Thermocouple Amplifier
Measure temperature from 0 to +1250 degree Celcius with 5mV per Degree output voltage
In StockRs.1,000/-

1166Ultrasonic Distance Sensor - Serial Out
Outputs reading every 100ms in serial ASCII format for easy reading and processing.
In StockRs.900/-

3763Load Cell - 40 Kg
Weighing Scale Application
In StockRs.900/-

3930Atmospheric pressure/altimeter based on BMP085
Calibrated I2C interface
In StockRs.900/-

1211Humidity/Temperature Sensor
Serial Data Output
In StockRs.700/-

4173Capacitive Touch Sensing Module - 4 Sw
Detects touch and outputs signal with on board LED indicators
In StockRs.700/-

1156MMA7361, Acceleration Sensor, 3 Axis, Analog Output
MMA7361L IC based sensor to measure acceleration, tilt, vibrations with two levels of selectable sensitivity
In StockRs.600/-

1139Metal Proximity Detecting SensorIn StockRs.600/-

3802Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier TEC1-12706
Converts electrical and thermal energy to each other
In StockRs.600/-

3719Ultrasonic Distance Sensor - PWM Out
Sends an sound echo and outputs a variable pulse width signal depending on distance measured
In StockRs.600/-

3902Digital Temperature Sensor Probe, Waterproof, DS18B20
Based on reliable temperature sensor chip DS18B20 with cable length of 1 meters.
In StockRs.600/-

1325Current Sensor - ACS712
Accurate sensor to measure AC/DC current up to 20A. The sensor can even measure high AC mains current and is still isolated from the measuring part due to integrated hall sensor. The board operates on 5V.
In StockRs.600/-

1185Color SensorIn StockRs.500/-

1133PIR Motion Sensor
Reliable and easy to use digital output
In StockRs.500/-

1105Combustible Gas Sensor - Digital OutIn StockRs.500/-

3144Thermocouple Probe - K TypeIn StockRs.500/-

4360ADXL345 - Acceleration Sensor, Digital Interface
3-Axis Acceleration, Tilt, Gravity, Movement, Free Fall, Digital I2C & SPI (+/-2g/4g/8g/16g)
In StockRs.500/-

4302Proximity Sensor - Inductive
This inductive sensor can detect metallic objects within 5mm and behaves like a switch that connects to a digital input. Alternate to mechanical limit switches in CNC machines.
In StockRs.500/-

1148MIC Sound SensorIn StockRs.400/-

3814Combustible Gas Sensor - Analog OutIn StockRs.400/-

3813Alcohol Gas Sensor - Analog OutIn StockRs.400/-

1182Liquid/Moisture SensorIn StockRs.300/-

1167Capacitive Touch & Proximity Sensor
Dual output with sensing terminal pad
In StockRs.300/-

1152IR Proximity Sensor
Uses infrared beam reflection for detecting proximity of objects
In StockRs.300/-

3732DHT11 - Humidity and Temperature Sensor
Digital interface
In StockRs.300/-

3927Matrix Keypad 4x4, Membrane type, Self Adhesive
Matt Finish, Sticker type, Looks great on enclosures.
In StockRs.300/-

3928Strain Guage, Resistive
Changes resistance as it is exposed stressed. Good for use in stress analysis.
In StockRs.300/-

4179Joystick Module
2-axis analog joystick with on-board switch
In StockRs.300/-

3437DS18B20 - Digital Temperature Sensor
Highly accurate and easy to interface
In StockRs.200/-

3903Laser Diode - 5mW 650nm Red
5V operated Laser Diode module
In StockRs.200/-

3006Hall Effect Sensor WSH315 for Current Sensing
Place it close to current carrying cable and it will give out analog voltage.
In StockRs.90/-

3004Ultrasonic Transducer Pair - 40 KHz
Transmitter and Receiver Unit for distance sensing application
In StockRs.90/-

3001LM35 Temperature Sensor - Analog OutIn StockRs.60/-

4073Vibration Sensor
Internal spring triggers contact on external force.
In StockRs.50/-

3730TCRT5000 Reflective Optical Sensor
Used in Object Detection, Line Tracking, Material Detect, Limit Switch, etc.
In StockRs.40/-

3565Position Encoder - MOC7811
Slotted Optical Switch
In StockRs.25/-

4016Reed Switch
Comes on when magnet comes near to it.
In StockRs.25/-

3007Infrared LED & Phototransistor Pair 5mmIn StockRs.16/-

3627Piezo Element with Cap
Can be used in Vibration sensing applications or buzzer with external drive.
In StockRs.15/-

341910K NTC
Thermistor for use in temperature sensing
In StockRs.15/-

3533PhototransistorIn StockRs.10/-

3190LDR 5mm - Light Dependent ResistorIn StockRs.6.00/-